Music Sat 21 Oct 2023 20:00

August&Walter #2: Yu Ting Li / Kris Defoort

time schedule

  • 20:00 doors
  • 20:30 yu ting li solo
  • 21:30 kris defoort


Bonnie&Clyde, Nicole&Hugo or Jansen&Janssen.
All good things in life come in pairs.
This fall we have a golden duo of our own: August&Walter.
A series of six evenings pairing up our brand new August (Förster grand piano) with one of Walter’s favorite piano players.

S: Boo!
W: Boooo!
S: That was the worst thing I’ve ever heard!
W: It was terrible!
S: Horrendous!
W: Well it wasn’t that bad.
S: Oh, yeah?
W: Well, there were parts of it I liked!
S: Well, I liked alot of it.
W: Yeah, it was GOOD actually.
S: It was great!
W: It was wonderful!
S: Yeah, bravo!
W: More!
S: More!
W: More!
S: More!

So you want more? Treat yourself a ticket for one of the concerts or go wild and take a subscription for the whole series.

W: "Yeah, whadya think?"
S: "Beats sitting home watching television."

A&W#1 - Friday 13th of October - Alan Van Rompuy solo / Thomas Jillings + Stijn Cools (CANCELLED)
A&W#2 - Saturday 21st of October - Yu Ting Li solo / Kris Defoort
A&W#3 - Thursday 26th of October - Ewout Pierreux solo / Tether Trio
A&W#4 - Saturday 11th of November - Simon Groppe solo / Erik Vermeulen Trio
A&W#1bis - Tuesday 14th of November - Peter Vandenberghe solo / Fred Frith solo
A&W#5 - Saturday 25th of November - Bram De Looze solo / Jasper Stadhouders Blood Cloud
A&W#6 - Wednesday 6th of December - Seppe Gebruers solo / Alexander von Schlippenbach Trio


S: “They aren’t half bad.”
W: “Nope, they’re ALL bad!”

yu ting li

When you ask Kris Defoort who to invite for a thrilling meeting with the August Förster and our audience, he points out Yu Ting Li.

Yu Ting is a Brussels-based Taiwanese pianist who builds her work mainly concerning theinterplay of sounds and textures. Thanks to her 15 years training of classical piano, she obtains techniques to make the piano sounding diverse but at the same time, personal. During her study in Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel for jazz piano, YuTing started to explore electronics which broadens her database for sounds. She recently started her solo project of which she combines acoustic piano with electronics, creating a unique soundscape with layers of delicate textures.



kris defoort

Kris Defoort — composer, pianist, improvisor — is a major figure in the European jazz music and opera scene.

By creating a highly individual musical language that redefines musical traditions in an original way, his music is characterised by the encounter between classical and jazz music, and between written compositions and improvisation. As an accomplished musical colourist, he therefore disposes over an absolutely unique sound palette.​

Kris Defoort has released/performed on more than 20 albums in the past 35 years, both with signature projects (KD's Basement Party, Kris Defoort Trio, Diving Poet Society, ...) as well as side man/guest pianist or his opera works.

On September 14th 2021, Defoort's new opera creation finally premiered at La Monnaie/De Munt, "The Time of our Singing". Both the audience as well as the international press were raving about this long awaited production.

​Between 2021 and 2025, Kris Defoort will be working on several new projects: a piano concerto, an orchestral piece, works for solo piano, a 'Duet' with Hungarian singer Veronika Harcsa and finally a new song cycle, an orchestral work with as guest the American saxophonist Mark Turner. For this concert evening at Walter, Defoort will select 'à la carte' or 'selon l'humeur du chef'. Cheers!

practical info

An abo/subscription for the August&Walter series is at 45 EUR for the full series of six concerts. Students pay 30 EUR for theirs!
Online abo presale is open now, it's an excellent way to spice up this fall with magnificent piano sounds and free impro. Can't make it to all concerts? You might consider to buy an abo as a way of supporting the live concerts at Walter.

Presale tickets for single concerts will open 7 days before each individual concert via our website. A presale ticket costs 12 EUR. We don't have a students discount for single tickets. At the doors - if there will be any left ;) - entrance will be 17 EUR. We accept cash and PayconiqByBancontact.