(c)Bjorn Comhaire
Music Wed 28 Feb 2024 20:00

°°°Walter's Finest°°° van den Heuvel + Cassol/Ikonen

(c)Bjorn Comhaire

time schedule

  • 20:00 doors
  • 20:30 louise van den heuvel
  • 21:30 fabrizio cassol + kari ikonen

louise van den heuvel

Louise van den Heuvel is a dynamic Dutch bass player and composer. She's known for blending modern music technologies and effect pedals in her compositions rooted in the contemporary electronic jazz scene. Louise collaborates with renowned artists, co-founded the Krautjazz band Dishwasher, and is part of The Rhythm Hunters, The Gallands, and the neo-soul group Stace. Her latest project, Sonic Hug, supported by JazzLab and W.E.R.F. records, features a stellar lineup and is set to tour in April and May 2024. Louise wears many hats when collaborating with others and is always in for bizar plans envolving whales and rainy parking lots. She's not shy of deforming her bass with effects once a while, thus fulfilling different functions in a band. In Walter she has the unique possibility of being her own band in solo-setting, hinting to ambient music as Nala Sinephro, Gustaf Ljunngren and Floating Points.

fabrizio cassol / kari ikonen

Fabrizio Cassol - alto saxophone
Kari Ikonen - piano (with Maqiano Microtuning System), Moog synthesizer

Since many years, Belgian saxophonist Fabrizio Cassol and Finnish pianist Kari Ikonen have both been exploring the space beyond the western 12-tone tuning system. Now these two gentlemen join together, taking themselves and their listeners on an adventurous journey to the magical universe of microtonality. What kind of beautious melodic possibilities can be found outside the always enchanting Arabic maqam system? How about some harmonies with microtones? Which scales or maqamat were used during the Primatomorphid era on the polar areas of Callisto, Jupiter’s second largest moon? These are some of the topics the duo is exploring during its residency and concert at Werkplaats Walter.


(c)Tanja Ahola
(c)Tanja Ahola