Music Thu 14 Sep 2023 20:00

°°°Walter's Finest°°° Stoffner/Corsano/Butcher + Wooley/Vandermark/Lytton

time schedule

  • 20:00 doors
  • 20:30 stoffner/butcher/corsano
  • 21:30 wooley/vandermark/lytton


Chris Corsano - drums
Florian Stoffner - guitar
John Butcher - saxes

This trio formed in 2022 for a week’s tour in Switzerland. Over 7 nights they produced music of both exhilarating power and subtle transformations.

Brian Morton wrote - in the sleeve notes for their forthcoming Hat Hut release “Braids” (recorded on the tour’s last date) - a snapshot of just one night, rather than an indication of what will necessarily come next:

“Three men who are quite capable of lifting the roof, should they choose to. But each of them has always had an instinct for delicacy, for the overtone over the moment of attack, and for the spaces between sounds. Corsano’s rhythms, even when playing free, are like spider webs on a misty morning. Butcher is a master of the subtle overtone, the accidentals (which, of course, he can control precisely) that surround the tones and come back off the walls and the audience. Stoffner has the same precision of touch and sense of absolute detail. The guitar famously was the instrument that allowed untutored use to pick a chord and go twang, but it’s also an instrument of extraordinary sophistication, laden with secret sounds: sighing, plinking like a music box, muscling out big chords.”



Vandermark and Wooley have been working as a duo for the last eight years, touring in both the States and in Europe, and have released three critically acclaimed albums together.  Both have performed and recorded with Paul Lytton many times, and the three of them issued an album of trio material as part of the double CD 'The Nows' in 2012.  The trio’s upcoming tour will be an extremely rare chance to hear Paul Lytton perform in Brussels. His history connected to improvised music is legendary, and this collaboration with Vandermark and Wooley, two of the most significant cutting-edge musicians of their generations, is sure to be exceptional and one of a kind.