(c) C. F. Wesenberg
Music Sat 13 May 2023 20:00

°°°Walter's Finest°°° Westerhus/Verbruggen + Jordi Grognard Trio

(c) C. F. Wesenberg

time schedule

  • 20:00 doors
  • 20:30 jordi grognard trio
  • 21:30 westerhus/verbruggen

walter's finest

Walter’s Finest is een reeks van negen concertavonden. Walter selecteert voor jou een double bill van het nieuwste uit de Belgische scene (met af en toe een stevige knipoog naar onze residentiewerking) en internationale bands op doorreis.

Tickets kosten 12 EUR in voorverkoop (of 8 EUR voor studenten).
Aan de kassa* betaal je 17 EUR (of 10 EUR voor studenten).

*Risico op een uitverkochte avond included.

jordi grognard trio - monkeys' meeting vinyl release

Jordi Grognard – tenor sax, bass clarinet
Manolo Cabras – double bass
Gaspard Sicx – drums

Jordi Grognard played one of the first concerts at Walter when we were still an open attic. His trio was just looking around the corner at that time but the music they made was already very inspiring. With young drummer Gaspard Sicx and great improvisor Manolo Cabras they evolved into a warm and adventurous trio on their first album Monkeys’ Meeting, also Jordi Grognard’s first album as a (band)leader, released by Ghent based label El Negocito Records. The album consists only of personal compositions by Jordi, although when playing live the band sure likes to dive into Ornette Coleman or Monk's originals.

westerhus/verbruggen - earthbound monochrome lp release

December 2021 Warped Dreamer's concert tour got reduced to a duo tour. With Jozef Dumoulin and Arve Henriksen being ill, it was only Stian Westerhus and Teun Verbruggen rocking COVID19 by the end of the tour. Limited artistic crew, limited tour, limited audiences in December 21? Time to release a limited edition vinyl of the recording Dieter Claeys made of the duo concert at Walter! Artwork is Ante Timmermans', lay out by dear Walter supporter Onno Hesselink.

Guy Peters about the recording:

It was a matter of time, really, for Teun Verbruggen and Stian Westerhus to come up with a duo recording. As 50% of the Belgian-Norwegian space travel project Warped Dreamer, they have already forged a consistently challenging musical re/invention. Together with Jozef Dumoulin and Arve Henriksen, they create extended soundscapes that introduce you to a post-industrial world with an almost frightening intensity. Combining the cerebral with the visceral, it’s a bold exercise in 21st century exploration.

Like the music of Warped Dreamer, Earthbound Monochrome is rooted in the avant-garde and improvisation scenes these two musicians are crucial parts of. Brought together, they create new worlds that are temporary but also filled with enough detail and depth to create a timeless sense of wonder and excitement.