MusicExpoWorkshop Sat 28 May 2022 12:00

24 hour Improv Marathon curated by Jozef Dumoulin

time schedule

  • 12:00 24 hours - you can count

24 hour improv marathon curated by jozef dumoulin

24h improv marathon including participative performances of the post-punk guitar band Trojan Panda and dj EKK.

Where and When?
From May 28th 12.00 (noon/midi) to May 29th 12.00 (noon/midi) at Werkplaats Walter

An open, multi-disciplinary, genre-bending, life-celebrating event around improvised music. As far as the music goes the 24 hours will be divided in 24 chapters of one hour that each will get a theme or small set of rules (or not). More info to come soon. Basic back-line of amps, keyboards, drums etc will be provided, as well as instruments for our younger friends, and simple craft materials for drawing, painting, …

Who can participate?
Whoever feels like it; people of all ages, backgrounds, types of training. To come and play, sing, dance, draw, paint, listen, watch, …

12  drone improv session
13  panda improv session
14  improv session for and with kids
15  open improv session
16  groove improv session
17  improv session for and with kids
18  “Blues in F” improv session
19  panda improv session
20  open improv session
21  a capella improv session
22  “3 x drums + anything” improv session
23  panda improv session
0    improv session with dj ekk
1   “almost nothing” improv session
2    noise improv session
3    improv session with dj ekk
4    panda improv session
5    drone improv session
6    groove improv session
7    “almost nothing” improv session
8    “All the Things you are” improv session
9    open improv session
10  improv session for and with kids
11   panda improv session

Other activities:
no choice tattoos by Dennis Tyfus (book your spot:
top your own  pizza on Saturday
open bar
participative Xerox copie machine exposition with Jelle and Tim
open ateliers
raam-passage 5: performance Giulia Bonfiglio
open air movie
butoh dance performances

and a lot more!