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Music Sun 19 Jul 2020 17:00

Safe 'N Sounddays #3 - Indrė Jurgelevičiūtė + Bert Cools

(c)Simon Plancke

time schedule

  • 16:30 doors
  • 17:00 early concert
  • 19:30 doors
  • 20:00 late concert

Indre Jurgeleviciute + Bert Cools

'Mystery and folk flow into the ocean of modern times - filled with ambient music, spiritualized jazz, improvisation or broadly defined electronics.' Nowamuz

Indre (voice and kankles) and Bert (guitar and effects) will play a set inspired by Lithuanian minimalist folk music combined with electronics. Their songs tell stories about the connection between human and nature and ritual magic of everyday life.

As a part of the band Merope they won a Klara award 2019 for their latest album 'Naktes'.

(c)Tristan Hollingsworth
(c)Tristan Hollingsworth

Safe 'N Sounddays

Every Sunday of July and August you'll discover a selection of fine solo projects and duos at Werkplaats Walter. Jazz, free impro and classical music by Belgian based artists will freshen up your weekend in Brussels! It 'll be intimate concerts, only 25 persons allowed for each set. We'll keep a safe distance, so you can enjoy our brand new series of Safe 'N Sounddays!
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