Music Mon 20 Jan 20:00

Vitja Pauwels 'leap/detach' + Tom Rainey Trio

time schedule

  • 20:00 doors
  • 20:30 vitja pauwels 'leap/detach'
  • 21:30 tom rainey trio

vitja pauwels 'leap detach' - release concert

Leap/detach is a trio that originated in the context of a two-year research with the name ‘Electronic Extensions of Acoustics’ at the Conservatory of Antwerp.

The ensemble consists of:
Vitja Pauwels – acoustic, electric and pedal steel guitar + live processing
Hendrik Lasure – piano + live processing
Casper Van De Velde – drums and objects + live processing

Leap/detach extends their acoustic sound palette with ad hoc manipulated sounds, giving rise to very different facets of the music. Expect elastic music that is mainly improvised from a minimalistic approach, in which live sampling plays an important role. Vitja, Hendrik and Casper recorded 'leap/detach', which is coming out early 2020 on the Walter label. They will present this release with two concerts at Werkplaats Walter and at deSingel, together with the launch of a blog with documentation about their process.

tom rainey - mary halvorson - ingrid laubrock

While Rainey's evocative, time-morphing and occasionally implosive drumming plays a central role in the musical materiality here, his trio is very much an integrated ensemble. The commanding component parts are critical to the vibe and behavioral manner and conversational of the whole.Laubrock is a saxophonist of unusual textural sensitivity and intellectual savvy, who can summon up proper deposits of abandon, knowing restraint and sly references to jazz' past in the midst of her purely improvisational explorations. Halvorson, one of the important "avant-jazz" guitarists of her generation, takes the abstracting and deconstructionist influence of, say, Derek Bailey into account in her playing, but has come up with her own way of melding that free-styling painterliness with shards of line and sonics - including tasteful deployment of effects units, a well-placed vibrato effect, ring modulation or distortion blast adding to the range and contemporary relevance of what she does. Together, they make a refreshing new and not-sentimental kind of beautiful music.

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