Werkplaats Walter @ Gent Jazz Festival 2019

Werkplaats Walter is curating the Garden Stage at the Gent Jazz Festival on the closing day, 9th of July. With Nate Wooleys Seven Storey Mountain VI they are finishing this years' edition. Some of Walters residency artists, Laura Ten Zeldam, Wannes Lecompte and Willem Vermeersch together with Dear pigs, and the kids from Voorzienigheidsschool Anderlecht built three installations at prominent places on the festival ground.

'This Thing'
Dear pigs, Willem Vermeersch and the kids from Voorzienigheidsschool

The second graders of the Voorzienigheidsschool in Kuregem have been working with their teacher Katrien and artists Jan Gordts (MUS-E Belgium) and Willem Vermeersch (Werkplaats Walter). Every Monday between April and June they came over for their artistic residency. In dialogue with Dear pigs, they present to you this 'thing'.

'Complex is a building'
Wannes Lecompte

The Sigili masks are masks from Mali, from the Dogon valley. They are very long, the art is to make them as long as possible. They are vertical masks, they are put on on the head vertically. In order to arouse the gods, in order to get as close to the gods as possible. Within the ceremony, the culminating point of the ceremony is to get this mask to touch the ground, to get the tip of this mask to touch the ground. And in doing so, to bring along the gods, to bring them back to earth.

In the Dogon valley there are men houses. Whenever a problem arises in one of the villages, the men gather. The men then enter the houses and discuss the problem. These men houses are constructed very low, so that as soon as you lose your nerve during a conversation, dialogue or discussion, you bump your head against the ceiling. The Dogon mentality is based upon serenity. The men houses are constructed very low in order to foster the serenity during conversation.

'kunst, schuren, art, sanding paper'
Laura Ten Zeldam

A multiplex panel, sized 300 by 150 centimeters, is anointed with black drawing ink.
On top of the ink a layer of blue high gloss varnish is applied.
During the festival the artist sandpapers the entire surface of the piece.


17.50 - 18.25 // Samara Lubelski + Ryan Sawyer

19.50 - 20.25 // Bram De Looze + Nate Wooley + C. Spencer Yeh + Chris Corsano

21.50 - 22.25 // Julien Desprez + Teun Verbruggen

00.00 - 01.00 // Nate Wooley ‘7 STOREY MOUNTAIN’

Wannes Lecompte 'Complex is een gebouw'
Willem Vermeersch, kids of the Voorzienigheidsschool 'This Thing'
dear Pigs, 'This Thing'