Call for residencies

For the second time Walter is looking for exciting residency projects in the field of jazz, free impro and avant-garde music. We will select residency projects for 2024 through an open call. The residencies will take place between January and December 2024 in Werkplaats Walter, Brussels. We are looking for residents who want to expand or deepen their artistic practice, are open to share their work with the community of artists, audiences and residents in and around Walter.

Walter offers workspace for Brussels and international artists and musicians in the lively neighborhood of Cureghem, Brussels. A fully equipped music room is surrounded by ateliers and invites artists driven by experiment and improvisation. Concerts, residencies, good quality workspace and off-the-mill projects like Bizet Bizar fill up Walter’s agenda in 2024.

What do we offer?
  • An inviting place to think, work, rehearse, experiment, research.
  • A fully equipped concert hall with PA and basic technical support.
  • Coffee/tea/water and a healthy lunch.
  • Artistic fees, technical and productional budgets will be defined in close consultation with the resident. However limited it might be, fair practice is an important guide in our budget.
  • Follow-up and support on ideas, planning and production.
  • Walter does not provide accommodation/lodging.
  • A try-out or showing is possible, but is not the primary focus of the residency.
What do we expect of our residents?
  • An imaginative research that contributes to the field of jazz, free impro and avant-garde music and possibly transcends the individual’s artistic practice to add to the community of artists, audiences and residents in and around Werkplaats Walter.
  • Our residency program is not meant as a ticket for free rehearsal/recording space on call or basic tour preps.
  • A contribution to the public program that is linked to the residency program in 2024 (Bizet Bizar, Walter’s Finest, 24h, open jams, …).
  • Attendance to residency meetings (4 meetings per year).
  • A commitment and presence in the activities at Walter in 2024, in a way that reflects Walter’s commitment to your residency.
Who can apply?
  • Individual professional musicians, collectives and organizations interested in taking on a period of collaboration.
  • Residency projects that straddle the boundaries between jazz, impro and avant-garde music and other disciplines are eligible.
How do we select candidates?
  • Walter puts together a team consisting of Anton Lambert (musician, resident 2023), Bo van der Werf (musician, resident 2023), Femke Vanpoucke (Rataplan), Guy Peters (jazz lover, board member), Lies Steppe (jazz lover, board member), Nils Vermeulen (musician, resident 2023), Thomas Mayade (musician, board member), Tim Bruggeman (artist).
  • Team Walter will closely look into the applications and will select residents considering artistic quality, clarity of the proposal and the impact a residency at Walter can have for the resident. We strive for a diverse, complementary and engaged group of residents.
  • Possible candidates will be contacted around 10th of July 23. We are not able to give full feedback on every application.
How to apply?
  • You can apply for a residency from 8th of May until 1st of June 2023 (23.59 pm).