bizet bizar: watcharita aroon

In her studio at Werkplaats Walter, Watcharita Aroon is active as a Sunday archivist at the Wolkendag Archive. The W*A* library includes the collected work of her graphic arts and souvenirs on paper. Besides being a collector, Aroon also work on commission as a graphic artist. ‘Being on the move’ is central.

Together with een-twee, I am looking for images that will illustrate the ‘Double You Double You’ festival.
In the run-up to this three-day event, I am making a small inventory of the sprawl I encounter while walking down the street.
Inspired by weeds and musical (dis)harmony, I am working on a series of postcards for the neighbours of Bizet Bizar.
The end result is a map of the concrete and poetry: a collage of chalk paper and 2B pencil, jazz and weeds.
A microcosm.

Double You Double You by Watcharita Aroon
Andrew Claes by Watcharita Aroon
BX_Elles by Watcharita Aroon
Come On Feet by Watcharita Aroon
Emancipower by Watcharita Aroon
Het Laatste Hoofdstuk by Watcharita Aroon
Orphan Fairy Tale by Watcharita Aroon
Schaakmat! by Watcharita Aroon
Tai chi by Watcharita Aroon