picture ©Anton Coene
picture ©Anton Coene
Sat 18 Aug 13:10

Expanded Eye

Visual storytellers Expanded eye are a free-thinking multidisciplinary duo currently based in London.

Their distinct storytelling approach and unmistakable style can be found worldwide in the form of paintings, installations, murals, and on skin as a living canvas, each embodying their trademark abstract and poetic language. Fusing a myriad of materials to create art with purpose and meaning, they continue to push the boundaries and blur the lines between their disciplines.
The duo behind Expanded Eye, Jade Tomlinson and Kevin James, came over in June to discuss a mural in Walter’s music room. End of July they arrived and got started working on their wonderful mural story with elements of the former Walter.
Anton Coene made some amazing pictures on Expanded Eye’s process!



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