(c) Jelle Martens
Music Fri 2 Dec 2022 20:00

Blind Io + Geoffrey Burton

(c) Jelle Martens

time schedule

  • 20:00 doors
  • 20:30 geoffrey burton
  • 21:30 blind io

geoffrey burton

2020 saw the release of ‘Me Ta Podia’, Burton’s first solo album. An instrumental record entirely recorded on guitar but rooted in electronic music. Not entirely content working as a
sideman, Burton started working on his own music, first as a member of Hong Kong Dong and as a composer for theatre and soundtracks, and now also as a solo artist. Feeling the need to, at least temporarily, turn his back to the obligatory rock, pop or jazz etc. and to explore other directions, he recorded ‘Me Ta Podia’ as a live performance using the guitar as a sound generator as well as a tool for composing.

(c) Peter De Bruyne
(c) Peter De Bruyne

blind io

Ingrid Laubrock - sax
Bram De Looze - piano
Ikue Mori - electronics
Teun Verbruggen - drums

Yet another bliste­ring interna­ti­onal project by Belgian jazz engine Teun Verbruggen. Blind Io is a top quartet with pianist Bram De Looze, saxopho­nist Ingrid Laubrock and electro­nics guru Ikue Mori. Expect interga­lactic explora­tions from a bunch of born explorers.

Walter jazz engine Teun Verbruggen has put together a quartet with a free spirit. A carte blanche of musicians with totally different backgrounds, musicians who inspire him personally in different ways. The album has yet to be made, but the track record of Teun's sidekicks is promising.

Bram De Looze (Eric McPherson, Joey Baron, Stéphane Galland, Mark Feldman) already played with Teun in the band Chasing Penguins. Bram is a virtuoso and a renowned pianist who always gives his music surprising and fresh twists and turns. He manages to leave his imprint in every musical context and is a person who certainly doesn’t shrink away from strange line-ups. Bram has an intelligent, analytical insight into the form and architecture of music. His impressive skills in composition and improvisation are of tremendous value to a project that will clearly explore musical boundaries.

The second musician joining this project is Ingrid Laubrock (Anthony Braxton, Dave Douglas, Kenny Wheeler, Jason Moran). Originally from Germany, Ingrid Laubrock is a saxophonist/composer based in Brooklyn since 2009. Laubrock is interested in exploring the borders between musical realms and creating multi-layered, dense and often evocative sound worlds.

Last but not least, Teun introduces the innovative musician Ikue Mori (John Zorn ‘Masada’, Marc Ribot, Fred Frith). She is known for both her work as a soloist and her collaborations with bands like Hemophiliac and the bagatelles of John Zorn. Ikue doesn’t shy away from any style with her interesting electronics. She offers a broad spectrum from Noise improvisations with Mike Patton to minimal abstract lyrical music.

A project three times postponed? Don't give up on Blind Io.



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