Music Sat 7 Dec 20:00

Walter Jr. / The Bureau Of Atomic Tourism

time schedule

  • 20:00 doors
  • 20:30 walter jr.
  • 21:30 boat cd release

walter jr.

Walter Jr., dat is een internationale naam met faam en een ensemble van jonge Belgische jazztalenten uit de Conservatoria van Antwerpen en Brussel.
Voor deze decembereditie wordt de volledige line-up van The Bureau Of Atomic Tourism coach. De heren worden geïnviteerd om een dag te werken met Black Sun and the Flowers of Evil, een trio dat werd gevormd aan het Koninklijk Conservatorium van Brussel. Leonard Steigerwald speelt keyboards en synths, Joos Vandueren speelt sax en effecten en Gionata Giardina is drummer. 's Avonds speelt deze jonge band een openingsset en warmt zo het podium op voor B.O.A.T.!

boat / eden

The caustic blast that opens Eden says it all: The Bureau Of Atomic Tourism is back. It has been four years since Hapax Legomena, but the sextet sounds as inspired and sharp as ever, leaving no doubts about their status as a considerable force in avant-garde jazz.

Bandleader Teun Verbruggen gathered the first line-up of The Bureau Of Atomic Tourism for 2011’s Follow The Sound festival in Antwerp. Since then, the band went through some personnel changes, while allowing for compositional input from a variety of members (who often brought in material they had used for other bands). For the band’s new release, Verbruggen requested core member Jozef Dumoulin to write new material for this specific line-up. The main aim and challenge for Jozef Dumoulin was to marry the highly energetic, straightforward and explosive qualities of the band with his own compositional approach; an approach that is much about creating hybrid, ambiguous objects that play games with our expectations and place both the musicians and the listeners slightly outside of their comfort zone.

The band turned to sound engineer Eli Crews (Deerhoof, Tune-Yards, Colin Stetson,...) who also mixed the album with Dumoulin in Woodstock, New York. Jon Cohrs was the mastering engineer.
The artwork for Eden was made by painter Carole Vanderlinden, one of the Werkplaats Walter residents and shareholders.


Of the original sextet, only the Belgian axis of Verbruggen (drums, electronics) and Jozef Dumoulin (keyboards) remains, but the rest of the band has paid its dues as well. Ingebrigt Håker Flaten (bass) and Magnus Broo (trumpet) have been members of Atomic (one of the flagships of Scandinavian improvisation) for about twenty years and were already part of a previous line-up. American saxophone player Jon Irabagon is one of the versatile heavyweights of his generation, equally at ease in small acoustic combos as in genre-bending units. French guitarist Julien Desprez, a sound explorer with an uncanny ear and capacity for slightly deranged mayhem, might be the ideal last piece of the puzzle.