Music Sun 27 Oct 13:00

Gems Under The Horizon 3

basic moves

Basic Moves hosts their third afternoon-edition of Gems Under The Horizon. A moment in time fully dedicated to undogmatic ambient and chill-out music. Hosted for the next season at Werkplaats Walter, a spot known for improvised music and contemporary jazz. This means excellent acoustics, daylight (into nightlight), and warm comfort to lay down and let your mind dance. 

An outside smoking area will be kept silent with movies curated by Hisham.
Camiel Hermans and Michiel Claus will be taking care of the visual installation.
Healthy, organic and local food available for sale during the afternoon and evening.


For E/Tape music is a cosmic mind affair which words cannot render. He explores inner existence, and the phenomenon of sound, evoking a connection with forgotten worlds and the mysteries of the universe.



Ziggy Devriendt is a man with a mission, powered by an interest that lies in the shadowy stories of national and international rare acoustic and electronic music. We fully respect the angle that Ziggy takes when looking into (music) heritage and the social stories behind it with his fast-growing and respected label STROOM.


Basic Moves own ambient bird Ailsa Cavers is an artist masquerading as a graphic designer (Dressel Design Studio) and specialist in the quest for floating electronic sounds.