Music Sat 21 Sep 20:00

Quantum Illusion

time schedule

  • 20:00 doors
  • 20:30 quantum illusion

quantum illusion // trevor watts + veryan weston

"....... Trevor Watts and Veryan Weston have known each other for years and it shows. Watts is a remarkable, linear improviser with a powerful rhythmic sense and who benefits from musical partners who can follow agilely down the sometimes labyrinthine paths he may take. Weston does so admirably without ever losing his own sense of himself. It makes for an ideal partnership and music close to perfection...."  FOUR STARS --Jazzwise 2015


"....Possibly the smartest trick of the evening is Weston’s timbral wandering with his keyboard – providing plenty of traction for Watts to blast off from. There’s nothing of the doctrinaire from either player – while it opens with some well-heeled, open and wild free jazz skronk, there’s a sharp amount of listening and consideration from both camps. At times Weston provides a steady pulse, anchoring some astonishing modal drift from Watts....."   Kev Nickells for Brighton Alternative Jazz Festival 2018.


".....The music herein is a perfect example of what Improvised Music is all about; the intimate duo format allows both musicians to exchange musical ideas on the fly, probing and responding almost instantly, which often sounds as if the duo was in fact one mind occupying two persons. Playing together for quite a while allows these two Masters to approach their music without any inhibitions or barriers, simply communicating on a telepathic level, and the resulting music sounds perfectly coherent and natural....." Adam Baruch - The Soundtrack of my Life 2018.