MusicWorkshop Tue 19 Feb 19:00

KCB jazz department 25: Thimothée Quost + Warped Dreamer

time schedule

  • 14:00 workshop / warped dreamer
  • 19:00 concert / thimothée quost
  • 20:00 concert / warped dreamer

workshop warped dreamer

De jazzafdeling van het Conservatorium van Brussel bestaat 25 jaar. Zes alumni kregen carte blanche om een dag in te vullen voor en met huidige studenten van de opleiding. Alumni Teun Verbruggen en Jozef Dumoulin nodigen hen uit in Werkplaats Walter op 19 en 26 februari 2019. De andere alumni zijn te gast in Jazz Station: Antoine Pierre met Urbex, Christophe Devisscher, Barbara Wiernik en Nicola Andrioli en Benjamin Sauzereau.

In de namiddag geven Teun Verbruggen, Jozef Dumoulin, Arve Henriksen en Stian Westerhus een inkijk in het functioneren van hun band Warped Dreamer, de opbouw van hun carrière als muzikant en gaan ze in op vragen van studenten en deelnemers.

thimothée quost solo

Like a rambling bordering the world of sound, Timothée Quost keeps the listener on the fringe of change in his solo projects. He delves into his trumpet and his microphonic package, questioning the limits of his instrument, rhythm, melody and perception. A demanding yet exhilarating performance. 

warped dreamer

Arve Henriksen (NO) - trumpet, electronics
Stian Westerhus (NO) - guitar, electronics
Jozef Dumoulin (BE) - fender rhodes, electronics
Teun Verbruggen (BE) - drums, electronics 

Warped Dreamer shares a fickle, mysterious city vibe with a few other bands these musicians are/were involved in. At the same time this project, which combines the talents of Belgian stalwarts Teun Verbruggen (drums) and Jozef Dumoulin (keyboards) with those of Norwegian experimentalists Stian Westerhus (guitar) and Arve Henriksen (trumpet), also has an entirely different identity. Free improvisation, jazz residue and electronic interventions/manipulations are woven together in an organically flowing crossover that hints at a Northern vastness and utilizes a complex inner map that guides the audience past labyrinthine panoramas, intricate textures and spontaneous interaction. As such, they incorporate both crackling, whirling walls of sound and claustrophobic whispers. Warped Dreamer looks toward the future in a way that makes the question whether it’s in or out completely irrelevant. It’s everywhere at once.


workshop: for KCB students only

concert: 12 EUR
presale concert: 10 EUR (free entrance KCB students)