Music Fri 28 Sep 19:30

Walter opent! #8 - Nuits sonores Brussels - Night 1 / THE LOOP

time schedule

  • 19:30 doors
  • 20:00 Hans Beckers
  • 21:00 Plug & Pray
  • 22:30 Chaos Of The Haunted Spire + Jaak De Digitale (cd release digitaal label Walter Live)
  • 23:30 Title DJ set

Entirely free of charge

The Loop is all about bringing people together. Developed alongside Brussels actors and collectives, for one night only nine concert venues throughout the city will be connected as one unique circuit. Walter’s one of the hosts, besides AB, Les Ateliers Claus, Beursschouwburg, Bonnefooi, Brass and C12. 

BOZAR en ARTY FARTY BRUSSELS gaan opnieuw samen in zee voor de tweede editie van Les Nuits sonores & European Lab Brussels. Vier dagen en twee avonden lang schept het evenement ruimte voor debat (European Lab) en tentoonstellingen (BOZAR Lab), een programma in het teken van elektronische indiemuziek (Night 2 / BOZAR Takeover) en een uitgebreid parcours door Brussel (Night 1 / The Loop & Extra!).

Le résultat est un laboratoire urbain, exigeant et innovant, au cœur des cultures indépendantes et des réflexions européennes. Cœur battant du festival, BOZAR accueillera une partie importante de la programmation et s’animera de façon presque ininterrompue durant ce long week-end.

20.00 - 20:30 Hans Beckers solo

Locked away in his rural home on the outskirts of Brussels, Hans Beckers crafts music from two key creative materials: silence and imagination. A resolutely avant-garde composer, he specialises in collecting unusual objects and building completely original instruments out of them. Surprising, organic and intriguing, his music is a bewitching blend of improvisation and composition, at times disconcerting but never anything less than fascinating.

21.00 - 22:15 Plug & Pray (Jozef Dumoulin & Benoit Delbecq)

According to its authors, ‘Plug & Pray’ is all just a laugh. “We just plug in and hope that it works,” explain Jozef Dumoulin and Benoit Delbecq, whose intricate piano and Fender duets are accompanied by a barrage of effects. The result is dense, undeniably electronic music that nonetheless bears the unmistakable imprint of jazz improvisation. When the Franco-Belgian duo take to the stage, prepare for the unexpected: this is organic, vertiginous trance that caresses the very beauty of chaos.

22.30—23.15 Chaos of the Haunted Spire + Jaak De Digitale

A live formation made up of Teun Verbruggen, Jurgen Desmet (alias Sickboy) and Andrew Claes, Chaos Of The Haunted Spire are one of the Belgian music scene’s most enigmatic collectives. Floating between free jazz, electro and psychedelia, COTHS deliver music that is uninhibited, largely improvised and punctuated by spontaneous bursts of noise, dub and drum ‘n’ bass. An irresistible cocktail!­of­-the­-haunted­sp

23.30 - 01:00 Title DJ set

Toon Janssens, a.k.a. Title, is an Antwerp-born DJ who has been making a name for himself on the Belgian underground scene for the last decade. A die-hard fan of funk and jazzy beats, he is nonetheless equally at ease exploring the less structured rhythms of hip-hop and broken beat. His latest EP, April 2018’s Rapture, finds him distilling the full range of his influences into six explosive tracks, driven by savage kicks and apocalyptic basslines. But beware: listen once, and your ears may never be the same again.