Music Fri 14 Sep 20:00

Walter opent! #4 - Silent Water Label Night

time schedule

  • 20:00 doors
  • 20:30 Manuel Mota solo
  • 21:30 Going

Tickets: 10 EUR – no presale

Silent Water is the vinyl only label that Giovanni Di Domenico created in 2012 to give room to his most inclassifiable music production. 14th of September Walter is hosting the Silent Water Label Night. The label uses this carte blanche to present two Silent Water projects: Manuel Mota solo and Going, the Brussels based band of Pak Yan Lau (piano), Joao Lobo (drums), Mathieu Callejah (drums) and Giovanni Di Domenico (keys).   

Manuel Mota solo

The Portuguese, Antwerp-based guitarist Manuel Mota is one of those artists who has been active for more than two decades - both solo and with other musicians - but remains a noble unknown to many, including genre freaks. Mota's personal sound world certainly has to do something with that.

Mota plays the electric guitar with his fingers and uses a minimum of effects. It is all bathed in a gentle reverb, where you can hear the sounds being extinguished in the environment. The notes float in the air, take their time to resonate, find a nice balance between a warm intimist sound and a slight distance that now creates a somewhat ghostly atmosphere.


Pak Yan Lau: hohner pianet, synths, electronics
Giovanni Di Domenico: rhodes, electronics
Joao Lobo: drums
Mathieu Calleja: drums, percussions, electronics

The music of ‘Going I’ impresses for it’s ability to reach unheard powers without ever falling into violence or explosion. Electronic hacks, crushed, mistreated keyboards, rhythms pushed to their limits, opiate loops saturate the space and converge towards the same goal: the great urban trip, to be heard laying horizontally, while passing out. Stuff to make your brain dance. And hum.